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Israel In Colors Quiz


Israeli Mini Pitas

Sabih - fried eggplant, tahini, hard-boiled egg, parsley, pickled cucumber


Tortilla Courtesy Platters Tortilla snacks in a variety of toppings

Balkan: roasted vegetables, feta cheese, pasto


Sesame Buns

(Vegetable omelet, green tahini, tomato)


Almonds Buns with pesto


Croissant Snacks

Cream cheese, onion jam, pecan cheese


Mini Pizzas


Pasta pesto



Couscous Tajine

Vegetable and Pumpkin Soup


Salmon with herbs and olive oil and garlic Salmon honey and almonds


Cheese Tray


Antipasti Tray


Spinach, Mango and Pecan salad with mustard orange dressing


Grilled Halloumi cheese with mushrooms cherry tomatoes and pine nuts



Eggplant with mayo


Tabouleh Salad

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