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Mini Pita
Balkani mix (pesto, cream cheese, feta and grilled sweet peppers)
Sweet potatoes, herb cheese and berry jam.

Spelt Mini Pita
(Tuna mousse with hard boiled egg)

Tortilla Courtesy Platters Tortilla snacks in a variety of toppings
Sabih - fried eggplant, tahini, hard-boiled egg, parsley, pickled cucumber

Balkan: roasted vegetables, feta cheese,

Mini Quiches
(Spinach or cheese)

Phyllo Purses
(Spinach with feta and mozzarella cheese)

Phyllo Rolls
( with mozzarella, feta, ricotta and blue cheese)

Sesame Buns
(Vegetable omelet, green tahini, tomato)

Almond Buns
(Tahini, hard boiled egg, parsley)

Basil and Butter Buns

Mini Flower Mozzarella Buns with pesto

Croissant Snacks
Cream cheese, onion jam, pecan cheese
Olive and pimentos cheese
Herb cheese 

Mini Pizzas

Pani Puri with Tuna Mousse

Goat Cheese Truffles
with Zaatar herbs
with Sesame seeds
with mixed nuts

Cheese Tray

Antipasti Tray

Fried Cauliflower

Spinach, Mango and Pecan salad with mustard orange dressing
Grilled Halloumi cheese with mushrooms cherry tomatoes and pine nuts
Tabouleh Salad
Tanzania Couscous Tajine
Vegetable and Pumpkin Soup


Moroccan Sweets

Almond Massapan
Nuts Massapan
Green Petits Fours
Red Petits Fours
Walnut Truffles
Peanut Truffles
Garibaldi Cookies with Cinnamon
Shebakiya Cookies
Meringue Cookies
Almond Cigar Cookies
Pasties Cookies
Nut Kadaif
Pecan Butter Truffles
Sesame Hamsa
Date Nut Truffles
Almond Cookies
Marzipan Stuffed Dates
Marzipan Walnuts
Coconut Green Meringue
Coconut Red Meringue
Pistachio Baklava
Mixed Nuts Baklava
Raisin And Nuts Tartlets
Sfinh Moroccan Doughnuts
Mufleta Moroccan Pastries
Homemade Strawberry Jam
Homemade Cumquat Jam
Homemade Aubergine Jam
Baby Carrot Jam
Harvard (sweetmeat of sesame oil and nuts)
Fruit Baskets
Mint Tea

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